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Telehealth Specialist Centre Kalgoorlie

State-of-the-Art Private Telehealth service for the Goldfields

Geography is Australia's silent killer. Despite all our modern medical technology, mortality and morbidity rates in rural centres remain at disappointing levels and the themes of social inequality remain at the forefront of our strategy planning.


TeleMed seeks wider implementation of health technology to close the gap between the metro and rural sector to ensure all communities have equal access to a high standard of care. We aim to help improve health outcomes through the development and operation of e-health innovations. It is well established that greater accessibility to medical services leads to better outcomes for patients and lower downstream health costs.


We are presently expanding our footprint and upgrading our capital equipment in Kalgoorlie. In addition, we are incorporating a specialist telehealth consultancy to benefit marginalised members of our state’s regions.

Our dedicated telehealth suite, complete with smart technolgies and widescreen displays, is presently undergoing construction. Further details about this new telehealth service and our specialist partners and will be circulated late November 2018.

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